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“You were only waiting for this moment to arise”


I am so proud of all of my talented grandchildren. Here’s a case in point; The multi-talented Lizzie will teach a cross stitch class at Harmony. She is also a budding film maker, and made this cute little film showcasing the store.


Laura Harmon

5 thoughts on ““You were only waiting for this moment to arise”

  1. So excited you are guys are here in Provo! I will be there on Friday to support your opening and spreading the word.

  2. Terrific video. Give us more.

  3. I’m so excited to see the inside of your adorable new place! We’re actually your neighbors across the street, and I recognized your sign on NieNie. You guys have done such a beautiful job with the yard and outside! We can’t wait to come visit during your grand opening! Nice work!

  4. There is no way I will be coming to your shop since I live in central Texas. However, I wish you all much success and good times with your new venture. If my 4 daughters lived closer to me, we could do that too, but alas they don’t so my good wishes go to you and yours. Hugs from a knitter in Texas

  5. Love this video Lizzie! Margo & I just watched it, Again! Wish you were filming during the tie dye pandemonium/cousin party. 😀

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