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One week later…


Our Grand Opening at Harmony was wonderful fun for all of us who had hoped for the best!  Things came together– and even better, people came together to make it a happy and festive occasion.  We met with old and loyal friends and made many new ones, our greatest goals in having this shop.  We got some good feedback and will pay close attention to the wishes of our customers.  Thanks to all who came and made it an unforgettable time for us!
The ribbon-cutting on Tuesday, Sept. 18 was another auspicious occasion–our Provo City Chamber of Commerce came out in force to welcome us and we had family and friends there, too.  Who would have thought this would ever be us?  Wielding giant scissors and feeling part of Provo’s business community–such an honor.

2 thoughts on “One week later…

  1. S. Harmon, you are SO beautiful! Congrats on the new store. I was so sad I missed the grand opening but will definitely be stopping in on my next trip to UT. Best of luck to you! xo

  2. Love it ! Hope to visit it someday with Isa and the kids.

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