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Hand-smocked Nightgown: A Timeless Classic

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This week we just unpacked a box of beautiful treasures that came to us from Madagascar – hand-smocked and embroidered nightdresses for girls in sizes 2-8. They are so beautiful they  take your breath away. Each night dress is unique and lovingly hand sewn. They were handmade by my friend Haingo, mother of three daughters, who was a shop clerk near where we lived in Antananarivo, Madagascar. During our three years there she became a special friend.  Wanting to create a job for another dear friend, I had Claudia take care of the ordering details, shipping and handling.  Claudia just had a daughter born to her and has a year old son.  By supporting these women we can help them create a better life for their families.

I don’t think it’s too hard–aren’t they beautiful?

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