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Join us for our first Knit night


Thanks for all the support, everyone! We’ve just finished our first two weeks and have had some priceless experiences, met lots of new friends, and learned a ton.

We’re having our first “Knit Night” this Thursday, Oct 4, at 7.30 – come, and bring a treat if you’d like to.

Photo by ashleythalmanphotography.com

3 thoughts on “Join us for our first Knit night

  1. I am so sorry I missed your Grand Opening, but I am coming in TODAY, Friday the 5th of October, to see your beautiful store and introduce my granddaughter, Rebecca and her two charming daughters, Maile Page and Roselani Joyce—they are visiting me from Kauai, Hawaii and are anxious to meet you and/or your staff and to see your beautiful store.
    Hopefully, we will see you today!!! Love, Betty Jo

  2. I’m sorry I missed your first knit night, I have been looking for a place that holds knitting groups closer to my house. Will you guys be holding them every Wednesdays?

    – Excited local knitter, Megh

    • Thanks for your comment. It reminds me that we need to publicize our future knit nights. We’ll be knitting on Thursday nights, every second week. Glad to hear from you, and look forward to knitting with you.

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