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Quilting Classes at Harmony!

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Harmony is now offering quilting classes!

Starting in October, Holly LeSué will be teaching TWO quilting classes and we couldn’t be more excited!

Half Square Triangle Quilt

Half Square Triangle Quilt

Beginning Saturday October 19th, from 12 – 2pm, and continuing on October 26th and November 2nd, Holly is teaching a beginning Half-Square Triangle Quilt class ($45). If you have basic machine sewing skills and have always wanted to try quilting – this class is for you! Holly will provide the pattern, instruction, and samples that will help you complete what will surely be a cherished quilt.

If you’d like to try something a little more challenging and a little more exciting, Holly is also teaching a Swoon Quilt class ($45). Have you seen the gorgeous Swoon Quilt on blogs, Flickr, Twitter (#swoonquilt, #swoonalong), or Pinterest? Let Holly guide you step by step through the process of making your own! The class begins Wednesday October 23rd, from 4 – 6pm, and will continue on October 30th and November 6th. Pattern, instructions, and samples are all included in the class fee.

Swoon Quilt

Swoon Quilt

Call 801.615.0268 or stop by the shop at 315 E. Center Street in Provo to get the fabric requirements for these quilting classes. Payment of the class fee is required to reserve your spot. Don’t forget that supplies and fabric purchased for the class is 20% off!

We caught up with Holly at the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake this last weekend to ask her a few questions. She is such a sweet gal! Enjoy getting to know her a little…

What are your earliest memories of sewing or quilting?

My earliest memories of sewing would be of my Mom. I remember as a little girl, she would make Christmas pajamas for us. In fact, I have one very vivid memory of her calling me in to the dining room where she had her machine set up, making me promise I would keep my eyes closed so that I couldn’t see what she was working on. She then measured the garment to me and made the needed adjustments. I just remember feeling so excited! That is now one of my cherished childhood memories. She made prom dresses for me, and she even helped me make flower girl dresses for my oldest daughter for a few different weddings when I was just getting into sewing myself.

When did you start sewing/quilting yourself? What made you start?

Sewing for me started when I took a beginning sewing class at BYU my senior year. I simply wanted to learn to sew and had room in my schedule to fit beginning sewing in. I remember making a very wonky looking shirt that semester! I’m still very bad at sewing collars and sleeves, so I tend to stick to easier projects, i.e. skirts, pajama pants, and a few simple Halloween costumes. I started sewing baby blankets when I was pregnant with my first daughter, ten years ago. I began quilting only about five years ago when my husband and I bought a house. I thought it would be better to sew all the bedding for my daughters myself. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Looking back, I’m glad I made that decision because it has taken me down a creative path I otherwise wouldn’t be on. My ideal home is full of cozy quilts that my family uses. I love that I’m making heirlooms as well as memories for my family.

What are your favorite sewing/quilting projects? Either the kind of projects that you like to do, or that you’ve personally finished…

I love all sorts of projects. I love making big quilts, baby quilts, and doll quilts. All those projects have helped me improve my quilting skills.  I have a few Halloween costumes that I need make very soon, and I have continued the tradition of making matching Christmas skirts and pajamas for my girls, like my mom did for my sisters and me. I have A LOT of projects on my to do list.

Holly's Scrappy Trip Around The World Quilt

Holly’s Scrappy Trip Around The World Quilt

Who are your favorite quilt designers or fabric designers?

Some of my favorite quilt and fabric designers: Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms (http://camilleroskelley.typepad.com/) not only designed the Swoon quilt (among many others), but she designs beautiful fabric lines for Moda with her mom, Bonnie (http://cottonway.blogspot.com/). Together they are Bonnie & Camille. Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter (http://www.diaryofaquilter.com), has designed some great quilt patterns, and she recently taught me paper piecing. Her blog is a great resource for quilting. I love fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt, Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Joel Dewberry, Happy Zombie, Suzy Ultman, Emily Herrick, Sarah Jane, and Kate Spain, just to name a few. I love Japanese imports and certain lines by Lecien. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone/something, so I better stop myself here. I could talk about fabric for a VERY long time.

What do you hope to accomplish through the quilt classes at Harmony?

With these quilt classes, I want to share my knowledge and inspire others to be creative. I have grown and learned so much these last ten years because of others who have been willing to teach me and share with me. I want to help cultivate creativity in others, and I hope I’m able to do that through these classes!

Thank you Holly! We can’t wait for the quilting classes to start!

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