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Upcoming Harmony Symposium: Ralli Quilts from Pakistan – Empowering Women Through Handicrafts


One of the things that we hoped to accomplish in opening Harmony a year ago was to provide a space where women could come together and learn skills that would enrich their own lives and the lives of their families. We also consciously highlight and carry products in the shop from local sources and from around the world that are designed and made by women who are financially supporting their families. Hand crocheted blessing gowns made by a local woman. Hand smocked and embroidered nightgowns made by women in Madagascar. Hand made Musana jewelry from Uganda. We understand that when we support these women and purchase their beautiful handicrafts, we’re helping them send their children to school and feed their families.

harmonyprovo  - Ralli Quilt - European Patchwork Meeting November 14, 2011 FranceA kindred spirit in our community who came to our attention earlier this year is Dr. Tricia Stoddard. Educated in Family Ecology and International Development, Tricia has always been drawn to the beautiful and varied handiwork of the world. Her home economics work has brought her into contact with many cultures and she was familiar with a great many examples of textile craftsmanship, uses of color and methods of manufacture from her studies and travel. But she was caught off guard when she came into contact with the traditional quilting and embroidery techniques, known as Ralli Quilting, unique to the Indus Valley of Pakistan and Southwestern India.harmonyprovo - Tricia Stoddard with quilters

Stationed in Pakistan in 1996 with her husband, a pilot with the Air Force, Tricia was searching for some wall art in the local market in Islamabad. After being shown a very large pile of textiles, a quilt at the bottom of the pile immediately caught her attention. The quilt had striking color and geometric form. Her interest was piqued and from that moment until now, she has continued to be drawn to Ralli Quilts and the women who make them.

harmonyprovo - Ralli Quilt - Lila Handicrafts Women

harmonyprovo - Ralli Quilt - collage

We are incredibly excited to announce our first Harmony Symposium! Come join us on Thursday evening, November 7, 2013 at 6:30pm to hear Dr. Tricia Stoddard speak about her experiences with the women in Pakistan and India who make traditional Ralli Quilts, the book she published in 2003 (Ralli Quilts: Traditional Textiles from Pakistan and India), the Lila Handicrafts Cooperative (a group of Hindu women handicrafters located in the Thar desert region of Sindh Pakistan) that was created in 2004, and the exciting developments Dr. Stoddard has been a part of since she was first introduced to Ralli Quilts!

This event is FREE to the public and will be held at Harmony, 315 E. Center Street, Provo, UT. To insure adequate space for the attendees, please RSVP: 801.615.0268.

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