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About us

Harmony is the endeavor of Laura Harmon and her daughters who have set out to share their passion for sewing, knitting and creating, and aim to make it a friendly and inspiring space.

The store is set within the walls of a charming, character-filled historic home on Center St dating from 1878, known as the Hannah Maria Libby Smith house.

24 thoughts on “About us

  1. Can’t wait to come and see the store—all those beautiful colors.

  2. I saw you on Nienie’s blog. Are you the Laura Harmon who has grandparents Walter and LaPrele? Or maybe your husband? If so, I am one of the many cousins. . .Connie Harmon Bell. Whether related or not, can’t wait to come to your store!

  3. I’d like the address so I can come and take a look.

  4. Oh wow!! Laura! My mom told me about your new store! (My mom is Linda Draper) And I wish that I could come see it!! DEFINITELY the next time I’m in Utah I will come by and say hello. 🙂 This is so very cool!
    -Mia Draper Cavaness

  5. So very excited for you place! Can’t wait to come and visit!

  6. So happy for you! Can’t wait until I am in Utah next to check it out!

  7. I’m so excited to see your new shop and take a few classes!!! Congratulations 🙂

  8. What a wonderful store! Just visited – I live just a few streets away and have been curious for weeks. If you’re thinking about stopping by, stop thinking and just go! It was like walking into a storybook you feel like you read once upon a time – and you half-way wished when you stepped back outside that everything else could be just as colorful and charming.

    Hope to be attending an adult sewing class soon!

  9. Nearby my work, so we walked down on a lark, and I am in love, love, love! So excited to have something new and vibrant here in down town Provo.

  10. What a totally FUN shop! I wished I lived closer to be able to see it!
    Yay for Harmony!

  11. Laura,
    I think that your store looks wonderful. Leah told me about it in a letter. We are here in Kabul, Afghanistan and will be home in January of 2014. I can’t wait to come and see. I have taken up knitting and crocheting here to pass the time. Congratulations on a great place. Alice Clayton Kerksiek

  12. Hi –
    I came in last week and ordered a pattern that my friend Margaret is going to pick up. I also asked about ordering 3.5 yards of the laminated Lark by Amy Butler which Margaret would also pick up. Can that be done?


  13. Hi. I am visiting from out of town and tried to find your shop based on list of shops from Utah Quilt Guild Store Listing 8/2013. Just thought you would like to know that your address is listed incorrectly on their list. They have you as 315 WEST Center. No wonder I couldn’t find you! Hope this is useful info for you.

  14. I stopped by your darling shop today while my husband and I were in town. (I live out of state.) I only had enough time to go to one yarn store. It was tough deciding whether I should go to the old yarn store in town or to try your shop. I am thrilled that I decided to take a chance! I can not wait to come back next time we are in town! I am going to start making a list, now that I know about the unique fabrics and yarn. The best part was the wonderful customer service! I am sure whether or not I came in to browse or to buy, I would have been treated just as kindly!

    P.S. My only suggstion is to keep making and displaying samples. When I see something knit up and can look and touch it I am way more apt to purchase all the supplies to make it. (I am excited to get started on the baby sweater for my new little granddaughter. Thanks for all your patient help!)

  15. What a treat to stop by and explore through all the beautiful fabrics, and yarns! The colors! I loved it! ❤ I didn't get enough time, and will definitely be back! So happy I found you!

  16. I visited your inspiring store two weeks ago and simply can not WAIT to go back!!!!!! I’m hurrying to use up the gorgeous yarn I bought so I have an excuse to visit again!!! So thrilled and delighted to have found my new favorite store!!!!! Now, if only I had a fortune to splurge on everything I want in your store, and a decade of free time to create…then I’d be content 😀 See you soon!!! I hope you’ll have a spring sale soon too!!!

  17. Visiting their store is like visiting best friends/family-and that’s just the people! The store and things therein are also amazing!

  18. Hello,
    My father gifted me some of his old wool button down shirts and I want to turn them into a quilt. I have no sewing abilities so I was wondering if you or anyone you have contact with could make them into a quilt for me for a reasonable price?


  19. Hi. I am trying to find someone to lead a craft at my 9 year old daughter’s birthday party this Saturday, January 9th. She suddenly decided she would like to have the craft be knitting or crochet (if it’s easier). Do you do birthday parties at your location or have someone who would teach a group of 10 girls 9-11 and three 7-8 year olds how to create something like a knitted or crocheted bookmark? Thanks in advance for your help.

  20. **Im leaving a comment on your blog because I couldn’t find any other way to contact you**

    Hello! I’m hoping you have a network of students (or non-students) to help advertise an internship. We are offering a 4-5 week sewing internship in Washington DC this spring. Includes housing and use of a brand new Bernina! Please have any interested person email their resume and photos of their sewing work to info@twingocarrier.com Thank you!

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