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Visit the Shop

You can find us at…
315 East Center Street Provo

ph: (801) 615-0268

email: laura@harmonyprovo.com

Store Hours

Mon – 11-6
Tue 11-6
Wed 11-6
Thu 11-6
Fri 11-6
Sat 11-6
Sun – closed

13 thoughts on “Visit the Shop

  1. Mrs. Harmon,
    Josh posted some info on facebook about the new adventure….congratulations and may it be a huge success. It makes me wish I had any domestic skills at all…you tried…haha
    Best Wishes
    Julie (Gribble) Anderson

  2. Delightful presentation. Am looking forward to visiting your shop! Wish you had photos on your web site of the home that I believe houses your shop. It looks inviting and enchanting.

  3. Heard about you at my lace guild meeting. I am so excited to have a new shop to explore and the class list – WOWSERS. I’m a book artist as well as fiber crafts so it was nice to see all my loves represented. I’ll be in soon.

  4. When will the next knit night be?

  5. Hi Laura,
    Just wondered if you have an upcoming list of classes for July?
    Love to make something fun for fall.

    Thanks so much.

  6. Do you still have those striped straws, if so what price are they?

  7. Found some fabulous oil cloth like material! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to come back and see more stuff!

  8. Hi Laura, are you by any chance related to the Harmon’s that own Harmon Pontiac? I live in Idaho, and they are my cousins. I can’t wait to visit your new shop. Next time I’m in Provo……

  9. I am wanting to learn to crochet little better, and wondering if you offer any classes? I have set a personal goal to make a baby blanket this summer. I hope you guys can help, thanks.

    • Hi Vicki, We do have crochet classes! For the true novice or for someone that needs a “refresher” course our Beginning Crochet class is the best option. Watch our site our class listings – we offer the Beginning Crochet class several times a year. xoxo

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