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In Honor Of Our Glorious Grandmas

In honor of all our glorious grandmas, great aunts, and grand mentors – why not learn a new skill? Or take out and dust off a skill that has lain hidden under all the other important things that demand our attention and time? Skills that you probably learned at their knees? Obviously, there are times and seasons for all things. Yet, because necessity does not demand it, we are allowing the time honored skills of our ancestor women to slip from prominence to oblivion.

 Skills that elevate and beautify our surroundings, teach us empathy and patience, and allow us productive meditation.

Skills that allow for creative expression and artistic license.

Skills that demanded time together, side by side, in order to teach a beautiful tradition. But that are no longer being passed down from mothers to children.

 Skills like dress-making & quilting, crochet & knitting, embroidery, penmanship and calligraphy, gardening, baking and cooking, sketching & painting, letter writing and journal keeping.

In honor of our grandmas, this Mother’s Day, why not resolve to learn yourself or teach these skills to your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, students, or friends? These skills are worth preserving.

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Spring is Here!


Spring is definitely here in Provo and we’re so excited with all the new fabric and gifts in the shop! Laura’s gorgeous eyelets, cotton lawn, organic cottons, and delicious fabrics are out on display.

There is still time to whip up a lovely new skirt for Easter!

New Spring Fabric

Spring Fabric

India Eyelets and Block Dyed Cottons

Maman Nursery Cloud 9




Spring Cottons

We have trims and decorations for your festivities…

Spring Hearth Display

and fun gifts for your little ones…

Fun Easter Basket ideas



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